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Marché: An Excellent French Cuisine Restaurant

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Blog Post Author: Julia M. Joseph, Senior Mentoring & Coaching Specialist

Marché is a great restaurant which is based on French cuisine in the Pacific Northwest.  It is an excellent place with wonderful food and drinks which I went with two friends and had an amazing time during the festive holiday season.


The appetizers and main course were very delicious and tasteful.  I was also treated with pomegranate champagne.  The service which was rendered was truly high class and I highly recommend Marché and would definitely go back there again. 


They had very festive decorations for the holiday season and there is ample parking which is a must.  Also, there is a classic old telephone booth just outside Marché and is a great attraction to stop by and visit. 

Marché has an excellent variety of selection of dishes, especially vegetarian to satisfy vegan diet, so one never feels left out.  Complementary desert was included which is a very kind and hospitable gesture of Marché. 

The views, opinions, experiences, and insights expressed are purely independent and in no way reflect any external influence and not compensated for in any manner whatsoever.  Thank you to Marché in Eugene, Oregon for the kind courtesy and cooperation extended during the visit.  All of the various general content (i.e. photos, videos, etc.) shown is independently generated or created with courtesy of, with due respect, and with privacy during the visit.  Otherwise, any and all other specific content with persons shown is independently generated or created via Copyright(s) of New Age Assets, LLC.

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