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Key Elements of a Viable Business Plan

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Today, there are many entrepreneurs, start-ups, early-stage, and expansion-stage companies in various industries, sectors, and market segments.  A key driver for the success of any enterprise, entity, or organization is the clear definition of the overall value proposition and the unique selling point. 

A viable business plan consists of an overarching emphasis on short-, medium-, and long-term sustainability, corporate governance, execution, and results which are all paramount in the overall success.

Accordingly, the key elements of a viable business plan include, but not limited to: 

  • Vision, Mission, Goals: Very specific objectives, purpose, and results oriented focus
  • Key Team Members: Core individuals who are "hands-on" with pre-requisite skillsets, qualifications, and track-record
  • Current Market & Outlook: Assessment of value/supply chain(s), historical/forecasts of supply-demand-trade, pricing and tariffs, policy framework and trends, target market segments, wholesale/retail customers, and demographics
  • Business & Revenue Model: Focus on specific value-added technologies, products, and services along with assessment of capital costs, operating costs, and financial profitability with projections – all supported with detailed economic modelling and financial analysis
  • Funding & Financing: Viable means of funding and financing of the various capital rounds covering startup, early-stage, and expansion-stage with clarity in structuring of grants (if any), equity, senior/subordinated debt, working capital, and insurance
  • Risks & Mitigation: Evaluation of technical and commercial risks as well as counter-party and downside risks with viable mitigation measures

New Age Assets, LLC assists entrepreneurs, start-ups, early-stage, and expansion stage-companies as well as other existing enterprises, entities, and organizations in government, public, and private sector.  For additional details, please contact us at

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