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Cebu: A Great Restaurant for Family and Friends

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Blog Post Author: Julia M. Joseph, Senior Mentoring & Coaching Specialist

Cebu Bar & Bistro is located at 8801 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York.  Cebu is a very family and friends-oriented restaurant.  It is a place where you go to hang-out with your family and friends and knowing that you are going to get a great menu selection of cocktails, appetizers, main course, and dessert – all for an excellent price.


The Cebu staff makes one feel like you are one of the family and they are so sweet, kind, and genuine.  The special friends that you make at Cebu are your friends for life.  I have been going to Cebu for over 16 years and it is always good to go somewhere when you know that you will always get the best service.


The views, opinions, experiences, and insights expressed are purely independent and in no way reflect any external influence and not compensated for in any manner whatsoever.  Thank you to Cebu Bar & Bistro, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York for the kind courtesy and cooperation extended during the visit.  All of the various general content (i.e. photos, videos, etc.) shown is independently generated or created with courtesy of, with due respect, and with privacy during the visit.  Otherwise, any and all other specific content with persons shown is independently generated or created via Copyright(s) of New Age Assets, LLC.

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