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Last updated January 25, 2016

Notice & Disclaimer

The various content which may be provided, as applicable and as relevant, on this Website or any other blogs, websites, portals, including but not limited to, various forms social media (“Website”) is solely intended as general information which may or may not be readily available in the public domain and, as applicable and available, suitable information references and sources will be provided on a best effort basis by New Age Assets, LLC (“Company”). The various content which may be provided, as applicable and as relevant, on the Website, in many cases, is the Company's own viewpoint, opinion, and/or editorial and is not intended for specific recommendations or any such related life, business, policy or investment advice. Any and all those visiting the Website are solely responsible and liable for any and all of their own life, business, policy, investment and all other decisions. Past performance, trends, indicators, or forecasts do not necessarily guarantee any future results, success or performance in any event, situation or circumstance. Any and all viewpoints, opinions and related are based on the Company’s own historical research and data believed reliable but there is no guarantee the results will be accurate or profitable in any event, situation or circumstance. The Company and the Website is not at all responsible for any and all errors and/or omissions. Any and all visitors to the Website are encouraged to conduct their own research and due diligence and/or obtain all necessary professional consultation and advice before making any life, business, policy, and/or investment decisions in any event, situation or circumstance.

In addition, the purpose of any and all information, focusing on holistic wellness, health, sports, fitness, nutrition, yoga, ayurveda and related is to promote healthy lifestyles. This includes any and all associated proven processes, methods, techniques, therapies which may also include educational purposes with the goal of creating awareness and disseminating information. All information on the Website in no way precludes the mandatory need for seeking definitive prior advice, diagnosis and/or treatment from a qualified medical physician and/or specialist related to fitness and/or training program(s). Prior to starting any fitness and/or training program(s), it is mandatory to get a thorough examination by a qualified medical physician and/or specialist. In addition, a medical physician and/or specialist’s approval must be obtained prior to undertaking any fitness and/or training program and as well as continual examination(s) by a medical physician and/or specialist during the entire duration and course of undertaking any fitness and/or training program(s).

Comments & Feedback

This Website's viewpoints, opinions, and all related commentary is intended to reflect both best effort and excellence in both effort as well as in thought. It should be noted that while it is welcomed and encouraged for the Website's visitors to provide comments and feedback, any communication whatsoever, including any and all anonymous submissions that fails to uphold the aforementioned standards will be ignored.

All communications including e-mails shall be attempted to be read in a timely manner, but there is no guarantee in regard to any response as well as time in responding, if applicable. For more details, contact the Webmaster at Contact Us.