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Experiencing Amazing Shopping and Delightful Dining

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Blog Post Author: Julia M. Joseph, Senior Mentoring & Coaching Specialist

Amazing Shopping 


As soon as I checked in, I went to this luxury store known as 24kwhich is wonderful as all of the high-end clothing is hand-made and they are so beautifully crafted and so soft to touch.  I tried on this one particular dress and it fit me like a glove.  I am so much in love with the brand that it fit me so well, being so soft elegant, and beautiful.


I highly recommend everyone to check-out this store which is located in the Hard Rock Café in Atlantic City.  The store employees are super sweet and kind as well. 

Bernie Robbins

This is a “must go to” jewelry store located in the Hard Rock Café in Atlantic City.  The various pieces found in this amazing store are truly breathtaking.  I spoke with the sales representative and she was extremely courteous and very helpful.  Apparently, this is a chain of stores which are located in various Hard Rock Café hotels and casinos. They have great selection of watches, rings, earrings and so much more.  The service is truly remarkable and everyone was so kind to me.  I rate them as six (6) stars.


Delightful Dining 


The first night I stayed at the Hard Rock Care hotel and casino, I went to a wonderful Asian/Japanese restaurant called Kuro and the food was excellent.  I ran into a wonderful friend from Atlantic City that works there and she was excellent in the table service and was truly high class in her service. During dinner, I had the main course which was a very delicious selection called Wagyu Donburi which was quite flavorful along with champagne which was a real treat.  I rate this restaurant as six (6) stars. 

II Mulino

This Italian restaurant, II Mulino was very elegant, high-end, and a really good experience.  I started with tequila drinks for cocktails.  The table service was impeccable and the appetizers and the main course were served with excellent selection of champagne mixed together with sliced strawberries with romantic candle lights at the table.


Both the appetizers and main course were exquisite and served with sides of salsa bread and cheese – which was breathtaking.  A large block of gouda cheese was brought to every table and then bread to follow along with the salsa.  The staff was so friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic. 

The views, opinions, experiences, and insights expressed are purely independent and in no way reflect any external influence and not compensated for in any manner whatsoever.  Thank you to Hard Rock Café Atlantic City for the kind courtesy and cooperation extended during the visit.  All of the various general content (i.e. photos, videos, etc.) shown is independently generated or created with courtesy of, with due respect, and with privacy during the visit.  Otherwise, any and all other specific content with person(s) shown is independently generated or created via Copyright(s) of New Age Assets, LLC.

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