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A Fantastic Spa and Awesome Live Music

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Blog Post Author: Julia M. Joseph, Senior Mentoring & Coaching Specialist

Fantastic Spa 

I had the opportunity to spend almost four (4) hours total at the fantastic Rock Spa & Salon at the Hard Rock Café in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I spent most of the quality time in the whirlpool/wave pool.  The jacuzzi jets are amazing and so relaxing and soothing for the body.  I went into the pool for a few times as it was so nice and very warm (82 degrees or so).  Then when you are ready to shower the chlorine off, the spa and salon has this awesome three-speed ridiculously calming shower directly on me - personally I love the Caribbean dream speed.


I then spent the last 20 minutes in the great steam/sauna room and I was literally in heaven.  This is the most time I have spent going to a spa.  The Rock Spa & Salon is located inside the Hard Rock Café hotel and casino near the North and South Towers.  They have all of the amenities which include anything and everything one can think of to relax the body and mind.  The staff is so courteous, nice, sweet, and respectful and so sincere and genuine – all of which is sometimes very hard to come by these days.  I would rate them as six (6) stars. 

Awesome Live Music

It was really great to go to the live music and bar near the front lobby of the Hard Rock Café.  I had the best time considering it was the holiday season.


Everyone was singing along at some point and enjoyed dancing towards the end of the night while paying awesome respect to the live rock band.  I would go back again anytime as I had a great experience and it was so lively.

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