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A Great Hotel Venue and Casino for the Holiday Season

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Blog Post Author: Julia M. Joseph, Senior Mentoring & Coaching Specialist

Hotel Venue

For this 2019 holiday season, I had the best time ever at this wonderful and awesome hotel and casino of Hard Rock Café in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

 My room was really great, the temperature throughout my entire stay was not too hot nor too cold, and a wonderful and breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.  Starting with the front desk as well as my North Tower suite room, the staff were so kind, considerate, and they went of their way to make a guest feel right at home.


As an example, I forgot something very important in my suite room when I checked out – the staff were so helpful and patient and made a special one-time key so that I can retrieve my personal items. The various venues, locations, and sites in this hotel and casino are truly remarkable, off-the-charts, glistening, and shining everywhere – including great memorabilia of rock music and popular music history.  I fell in love looking at the images of Elton John, Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and Mariah Carey, and so many more.  I give this hotel and casino a six (6) stars rating and would really like to visit and check them out in Las Vegas and Orlando (near Universal Studios). 



The casino had a great atmosphere, the many gambling tables were fun and very lively.  I had a great time even though I am not that much of a gambler.  I tried my hand at poker and put some money down at the table.

Some of the fellow people at the table were so kind and helpful and instructed me on how to play the game - considering I am a beginner and I would love to be at the tables again.


The views, opinions, experiences, and insights expressed are purely independent and in no way reflect any external influence and not compensated for in any manner whatsoever.  Thank you to Hard Rock Café Atlantic City for the kind courtesy and cooperation extended during the visit.  All of the various general content (i.e. photos, videos, etc.) shown is independently generated or created with courtesy of, with due respect, and with privacy during the visit.  Otherwise, any and all other specific content with person(s) shown is independently generated or created via Copyright(s) of New Age Assets, LLC.


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