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Effective Wealth Therapy


In today’s current global economic scenario, sustainable wealth preservation is predicated by tangible asset classes* which are further continually influenced by interest rates, inflation, disinflation, and deflation. 

*Precious Metals (Gold / Silver etc.), Immovable / Movable Assets, Stocks, Bonds, Cash Deposits, Currencies, etc.

Typically, from “top-down”, money creation or its debasement is critically dependent upon viable monetary policy, fiscal policy, regulatory framework, structured finance, macroeconomics, and microeconomics. Thus, sound “money” or “currencies” are a direct derivative of the underlying asset classes comprising of “wealth”.

Whether it is the mass affluent, high net worth individuals or ultra high net worth individuals, it is important to focus on Effective Wealth Therapy which consists of achieving and maintaining a sustainable balance between personal financials (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cashflow) vs. Assets, Profits and Net Cash.

In order to continually derive benefits of Effective Wealth Therapy, it is also important to understand and appreciate the positive impact of incorporating intangible value adders to wealth preservation including, but not limited to; Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Charity, Wellness and Well Being. Above will also empower, enhance and enable a “holistic” path to wealth preservation.

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