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Viable Paths to Holistic Wellness


Holistic Wellness is all about an inclusive methodology and approach as there is no one single or definitive path or way. Proven processes, methods, therapies include, but not limited to, Yoga, Tai Chi, Tantra, Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutrition & Ayurveda, Fitness and Training (both aerobics and anaerobics).

Holistic wellness enables and empowers many individuals to pursue viable paths towards unity of “Spirit-Mind-Body” as well as positive health and lifestyle via emphasis on proper: 

  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Balance
  • Motivation

Whether it is at home, the workplace, on the football field, basketball court, track stadium, swimming pool, vacation resort and/or any such other venue(s), it is all about success, results and actual performance. Thus, it is imperative to focus on proven processes, methods, techniques, and therapies which ensure: 

  • Relaxation
  • Flexibility
  • Stress Management
  • Endurance
  • Performance

With respect to Relaxation; key areas include; Introspection; Self-Evaluation; Self-Confidence & Efficacy; Results Oriented Goal Setting & Metrics; Structural, Cardio-Pulmonary & Muscle System; Advanced Visual & Imaging Simulation; Proven & Advanced Alternative Methods and; Proven External Therapy Techniques. 

With respect to Flexibility; key areas include; Static & Dynamic Stretching; Overall Nutrition & Diet; Direct Impact on Stress Management; Advanced Coaching Methods and; Plyometrics & Related Techniques. 

With respect to Stress Management; key areas include; Top Performance, Success & Results; Underlying Causes of Stress; Emotional & Mental Health; Daily & Lifestyle Habits; Fitness & Training; Ways to Deal with Stress; Physical & Mental Fitness & Cross-Training; Nutrition & Diet; Break from Mundane & Monotony and; Alternative Methods, Therapies & Techniques.

With respect to Endurance and Performance; key areas include; Focus on being firm, relaxed and extended; Leverage poses, postures, breathing and meditation; Muscular (Flexibility, Endurance, Strength); Core Strength; Release and Reduction in Stress & Strain and; Cardio-Pulmonary Development.

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