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Innovation in Fibers & Fabrics

Fashion Innovation

Currently, based on convergence trends in brick & mortar and digital over the last few decades, major transformation is likely to occur in the entire global Supply Chain covering; Fibers – Fabrics – Textiles – Apparel. Accordingly, whether it is Haute Couture, Ready-To-Wear, Intimate Apparel, Activewear or Accessories, Innovation can emerge as a positive path going forward.

Many attribute the prime catalyst being advances in Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Math - Innovation - Entrepreneurship. While some others state that it may be due to changes in global trade and investment policy and resulting impact on macroeconomics, market segmentation and demographics.

With Innovation being the key driver, multiple “Business – Revenue” models in the global Supply Chain may undergo transformation in order to keep pace with changing market conditions, customer segmentation, demographics and purchasing power of retail consumers. Impacted areas can include, but not limited to, corporate, investment, and business strategy as well as functional operations along the entire Fashion value chain.

The above main drivers can help enable and advance “game-changer” positive impact in Fashion with the emergence of new designs, styles, selection, sizes and comfort.

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