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Enhancing Apparel & Fashion Retail Via Omni-Channel Sales

Fashion Innovation

Today’s apparel and fashion retail customers are increasingly mindful and discerning on their various purchases of products and accessories. This is applicable to Haute Couture, Ready-To-Wear, Intimate Apparel, Activewear and Accessories.

One of the main goals for apparel and fashion companies is to champion “top-down” management commitment to satisfying customers’ needs with high-quality products and accessories as well as value-added brands thru Omni Channel Sales. 

With disruptive technologies making a major impact on the rapid convergence of traditional “brick & mortar” with “digital” landscape, increased empowerment and broader choice are the mainstay for the end-customer; “Customer is King”. More than anything, a compelling key driver for apparel and fashion companies is to provide a highly captivating “brand story” as well as a great shopping experience resulting in increased brand loyalty. 

Omni Channel Sales is a viable and enabling mechanism which enhances the ability to capture higher top-line revenue(s), higher gross margin(s) and higher EBITDA margin(s) resulting in more evenly distributed positive cash flow(s). In addition, there can be a direct cost-benefit in managing a more efficient business and functional operations covering; account payables, accounts receivables, operating leases, supply chain, common warehouse and inventory management.

Based on continual developments and improvements in Big Data, Analytics, Location Based Services, Mobility, and Logistics Management; Omni Channel Sales improves focus on target wholesale and retail customers. Specifically, better market segmentation based on demographics and purchasing power related to purchases covering; luxury, high-end, lifestyle and basic fashion products and accessories.

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