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Country Overview; Puerto Rico

Infrastructure Lifestyle

In the north-east part of the Caribbean, the beautiful island of Puerto Rico is a great destination with lot of growth potential. 

Beyond the traditional sectors and industries such as; Tourism, Hotels, Resorts, Cruises and Leisure, etc. there are other emerging opportunities for industrial trade, investment, economic development, entrepreneurship and social improvement.

Over the last 5-10 years, Puerto Rico has emerged as an attractive destination for; film production, bio-tech, information technology, green/renewable energy, food/agro processing, commercial & residential real estate and other professional services (research & development, marketing & sales, advertising & public relations, financial & accounting, legal & technical services, etc.). 

In addition, Puerto Rico offers many fiscal and financial incentives which have been legislated in order to encourage foreign direct investment as well as stimulating increased role for private sector participation. These include, income tax credits/holidays/rates, special deductions, various types of credits and exemptions, property taxes, municipal license taxes, excise and sales taxes, duties and levies.

Over the last few years, Puerto Rico has embarked on Free Trade Zones which provide good incentives for manufacturing, packaging and processing various good and commodities. 

The promotion of green/renewable energy has also taken a top priority in Puerto Rico. This includes; alternative energy sources such as solar, biomass, and sustainability in order to generate transmit and distribute clear energy for the island. 

In the next 5-10 years, Puerto Rico may have the ability to positively overcome its current fiscal and financial hurdles and further emerge and enhance its overall trade, policy and investment climate. 

With increased emphasis on attracting various capital sources and investment along with leading project developers, Puerto Rico has the ability to leap-forward into key areas such as; innovation, technology, high-quality branded content, film/media production and sustainable forms of alternative energy. All of which are a catalyst for empowering population segments from various demographics with a better quality of livelihood and lifestyle.

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