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3D Technology in Fashion

Fashion Innovation

Over the last three (3) decades, the world of fashion has undergone a major transformation in so many areas.  This includes supply chain, commercial market scenario and other key areas in Haute Couture, Ready-To-Wear, Intimate Apparel, Activewear and Accessories.  In addition, there has been direct impact on Fibers, Fabrics, Textiles, Apparel, Distribution and the End-Customer.  There have also been recent shifts in trade, policy and investment climate with increased emphasis on “on-shoring” of design and production in the fashion industry.  More and more fashion companies, entrepreneurs and emerging designers are embracing and utilizing 3D Technology for its potential benefits driven by “Gamechanger" dynamics led by Innovation, Disruption and Profitability.

Beyond the rapid convergence of the divide between “brick & mortar” and “digital”, 3D Technology has empowered a fundamental paradigm shift in the way fashion industry views and undertakes Creative Inspiration; Design & Development (products and accessories); Supply Chain & Logistics; Demographics; Purchasing Power and; Omni-Channel Sales.  3D Technology and its powerful solutions are also making a profound impact on various business-revenue models, investment decision-making process, and structured / project finance of the entire fashion industry.  Further, there is increased re-thinking of fashion industry’s branding and image strategy with respect to decisions on product development, launch of successful collections, speed-to-market, “fast fashion”, virtual catalogs and sample rooms, wholesale and retail stores, forecasting top-line revenues, profit margins and cash flows.

Beyond the current market players or potential new entrants, the fashion industry has been, is and always will be driven by the innate power of the fashion designer to inspire, create, invent, innovate and make a “fashion statement”.  Moreover, to continually set the styles, fits, selections and trends in a dynamic environment driven by art, passion, technology and business. 

Whether it is 3D Technology or otherwise, the eventual metric which will always determine the outcome of any positive impact on the fashion industry will be its inherent ability to provide the highest value added products and services while satisfying the wants, needs and desires of the End-Customer.

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