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Pathway to Holistic Wealth Therapy


New Age Assets, LLC understands that as part of empowering holistic wealth, it is important to focus on lifestyle, wellness and wealth. 

Value Proposition

Positive lifestyle and wellness, inner wellbeing along with effective wealth therapy enable enhanced empowerment of the individual in an inclusive and effective manner.

Meeting Individual Needs

Today, holistic wealth is deeply rooted and dependent upon personal lifestyle, wellness and wellbeing…this applies to various demographics covering many individuals (mass affluent, high net worth and ultra high worth). 

  • Positive Lifestyle& Wellness
    • Proper diet, rest, exercise, balance and motivation
  • Inner Wellbeing
    • Emphasis on Unity of Spirit-Mind-Body
  • Effective Wealth Therapy
    • Sound and stable Asset Classes, Income, Cash Flow coupled with Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Charity
  • Tangible Benefits
    • Custom-tailored holistic solutions satisfying specific individual wants, needs, and desires on an Emotional-Mental-Physical level…addressing key underlying factors and issues on a results-oriented basis 

Value Added Services

Holistic Wealth Therapy, offered on a Membership basis through New Age Assets, LLC, through various viable paths, integrated alternative remedies, techniques, methods, as well as sessions, classes, programs, applications…value added services provided by highly qualified Mentors, Coaches and Consultants 

  • Fitness & Training
    • Resistance, Plyometrics, Aerobics, Anaerobics, Cross-Training, Biomechanics, Biokinesiology, and Bioenergetics
  • Alternative Therapies
    • Yoga, Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, Reiki, Tantra etc.
  • Asset & Wealth Strategy
    • Traditional & Alternative Investments, Tangible Asset Classes, Risk Mitigation Platforms, Precious Metals and Generational Wealth Strategy & Planning 

Please contact us at for more details on; Customized Modules; Diverse Range of Clients; Team of Mentors, Coaches and Consultants; Membership Packages and; Locations.

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